Welcome to Nia & Rose, your go-to Australian online fashion retailer for sustainable, high-quality style. Established in 2020, we're redefining the landscape of fashion retail by merging the realms of luxury and environmental responsibility.


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Nia & Rose was born from a dual passion: a profound love for fashion and a deep commitment to our planet. We're more than an e-commerce platform—we're a community of mindful shoppers, designers, and artisans who believe that every design decision can contribute to a better world.

At the heart of our philosophy is Eco-Luxury. This concept means we are dedicated to offering pieces that aren't just eco-friendly, but also designed with exceptional durability and craftsmanship. We understand the implications of the fast fashion cycle - rapid creation, purchase, disposal - and we are here to challenge it. By focusing on longevity and sustainability, we aim to slow this trend, contributing to a reduction in overall consumption and waste.

At Nia & Rose, it's not just about fashion—it's about making a positive impact. We're not merely selling apparel; we're sharing a vision of a world where style and sustainability are intertwined. We're here to demonstrate that looking great, feeling fantastic, and doing good are not mutually exclusive.

Join us as we journey towards a sustainable future for fashion. Together, we can effect change, one chic and eco-friendly outfit at a time. Welcome to Nia & Rose—where luxury and sustainability coexist.